Boomer Fett Mannequin Tutorial


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ok, i think i am on the right track now...thanks Ivan! :)

well, i first cut the torso to where i wanted it to match up with my height...i will fiberglass the torso to the legs eventually...



i then took MrG's advise on repositioning the right leg to give Boba a more "open" stance, and also to reposition the knob on the left calf to make the left leg stand more vertical...(y)


i cut the top of the legs off, and yes, i had to cut the groin area out as well to get the legs to position where i wanted them...:facepalm i will attempt to put that area back on later...(y) i show where i fiberglassed the right leg back onto the left leg...fiberglass cloth was also used with the 2 part epoxy...


in this pic i show the left arm after cutting a wedge out that allows the arm and elbow to not stick out as far...i love my dremmel and Elmer's Fiberglass Repair Kit with the fiberglass very well...i also kept the knob for the arm attachment and fiberglassed it to the arm where i cut also, so to allow the arms to be detachable...

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in this post i show how i did the hands...i first cut the fingers off, and then shoved some fiberglass cloth to help fill the inside so i didnt have to fill the whole hand with the epoxy resin...(y)


this next pic shows the left hand, where the barrell of the blaster will be resting...i drilled holes for the hanger wire, used as the base of the fingers, and it is also bendable...for the width of the fingers, i used 5/8" outer and 1/2" inner diameter plumbing tubing, and used MrG's method on giving the tubes some dexterity for bending them...the off-white circular pieces inside the tubing are Dremmel Cloth Polishing attachments, which just so happened to be 1/2" in width, so they perfectly fit inside the tubing, which allows the tubing to bend nicely with the hanger wire...(y)


this is the right hand in the next 2 pics, done the same as above...



left hand again...


and the left hand on the left arm attached to the torso...after attaching the knob back onto the arm, you will have to sand it down as to get that area flush to allow the knob to go into the torso...

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Boomer Fett

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Wow! I am embarrassed for my cruddie work so far D. You are blowing me out of the water. And making me want to redo Dave's hands. GREAT WORK BROTHER!!!

Oh yes! Make sure you can get your flight suit on the lower before perminately fixing the feet in place.


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thanks man! and thanks to you for even making this possible, brother...:cheers and hey, you did your mannequins quickly, so as to get them posted up since you needed to get that army out the door!! :lol: you did a great job on your manne's, brother, i have just had time to sit back and evaluate what i was going to do with mine....:)


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ok, got both arms on, with the hands as well...i also got the waist section partly fiberglassed onto the legs, to where i can put the torso on top to get a pic and an idea of how this pose is going to look...(y)




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I wanted to commend you on making a mannequin from scratch to display your Fett. It takes a lot of time and practice to get something like this to work right, however there is a far easier way then trying to put together pieces from scratch to have something makeshift and become a pain if it needs to be moved. Trust me I know because I work for a mannequin company and repair mannequins if they have been damaged. Believe it or not mannequins are very affordable. You could probably get a very good used one for less then a $100. This would have all its pieces too so you wouldn’t have to mess around trying to get it to fit your outfits. You would only have to work on pieces that you wanted to make custom, like holding a gun, ect. I don’t know about you but if I am going to spend 2k for the real outfit what is a few dollars more and the most important part, there are no chemicals in a mannequin that are going to break down the uniform over time. When you make shift something you always have issues with chemicals breaking down the fabric. I have worked with NASA on getting mannequins for their space suits and it really does matter.

I just wanted to send a post on here to give everyone a source if they are in need of a full mannequin or mannequin parts for your movie memorabilia. As I said before, you did an amazing job on putting your mannequin together, but not everyone has the time to dedicate to it and there is a lot of trail and error if you are to really make it work and look real. is the site if anyone is interested.

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Apologies for the necro-bump, but while I wait to get some of my hard parts painted, I was wondering if anybody has done any of this recently. The mannequin I used for Jango was fine since he looked ready to pull out his blasters, but it's just a shame if Boba can't hold his blaster, so I was wondering if there were any other alternatives to get arms similar to Boomer Fett's?

Boomer Fett

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Does anyone have any more of their finished pics? I have a guy grabbing up the last few and I would love to show him how you all did with yours. There was 105 mannequins sold and I know there are some serious skilld out there.