Bondo work well with Sintra?

Corbin Das

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Hi All.
I'm thinking of building up some armor pieces using Sintra as a base and contouring a couple pieces with some sort of filler.
Will Bondo melt Sintra? Is there some other type of filler that's more flexible and won't crack? For a particular piece that might be subject to getting flexed as you wear it, I was worried that the bondo might crack.
I might just use the filler to make the master and have a mold cast from that so then I won't have to worry about the bondo cracking. Thoughts?

Corbin Das


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Bondo doesnt like Sintra at all, and yes it will melt, maybe other people have had success, but not me. IT was a nightmare mess.

Bondo isnt meant to be used for a mass filler on anything including car bodies. IF your going to costumize pieces I would recommend using styrene as it has a lesser melting, shaping point, and you can put contours in it easier.

Corbin Das

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Well, I have a 4 by 8 foot sheet of Sintra I was thinking of using for this. I don't HAVE to have major filler. I just want to soften some of the edges between the pieces.
If nothing else, I'd like to have a good base from which to make a mold from. In that case, I imagine some type of clay might work. I was just hoping for something a little more durable. Sculpy maybe?
Anyway, I'm just trying to come up with ideas.


phantom viper

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I have had great success using bondo on my sintra armor. I used it on my cod and knees. No melting. I have even used it on Styrofoam for my rocket on my jet pack. And though i have yet to ware it out, it is not that heavy.
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I too have many sintra/bondo successes. To reinforce ALL of my armor, I use bondo and fiberglass cloth on the reverse side. They're strong enough to get stepped on without shattering! I know because I've tried it. ;)