Bondo Alternative?


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Is there an alternative to bondo? A guy at the local Hobby Shop said I can use something called White Putty. Is this true? I should be getting my bucket in the mail pretty soon so I wanna be sure. I ask because I am not to sure I would be very confident using bondo...afraid I might srew up and ruin my helmet.

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"Bondo" is simply and Auto Body Putty, nothing more.

There are several kinds of Auto Body Putty to chose from, and
if you apply it sparingly you should have No problem whatsoever.

Bondo is only used to patch up holes and repair different areas, if
you put on too much you can sand it off by hand with some sandpaper,
it's very easy to do, I doubt you would damage your Fett helmet if you work carefully.


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Thanks for clearing that up.. just want to be sure befor I tackle this thing.

BTW.. ooops sorry about posting this in the wrong forum :facepalm