Bobamaker's soft parts....must look!!!


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hey guys, i just received my bobamaker jumpsuit, vest with neckseal, ankle spats, and thigh pouches. i have to say, if you need a jumpsuit, or any of the parts listed, plus much more, you NEED to contact bobamaker!!!! he makes some of the best stuff out there. he has some great weathering tequines, and it blows your mind of what he can do. the colors he uses are right on with the real deal!!!! when i put my costume together, i was blown away at what a great job he had done on the vest, and all. he worked with me down to the tee of my needs, and he was ALWAYS quick to get back with me on my PM's, or emails. you need to check out his site, it is the bomb!!!! Thanks sooooooo much bobamaker for everything!!!!!!
Thigh pouches (as in the ones sewn to the thighs of the jumpsuit) or side pouches? I need a (better) set of those myself and have got my eye on his. Wanna post pics of your new goodies?
yea, i am just finishing up some last details. i'll take some pics soon, and post them. of my full costume that is. i am doing a ROTJ costume, and the greyish color is the best on the suit. about the thigh pouches, he made me both side, and thigh pouches. i bought the whole thing at one whoop, so...i am not sure how much they are seperate...but....send him a PM. its worth every penny. you might think the price is maybe a little high, depending on your budget, but, i can gaurentee you its worth everything. it will make your costume look great.
Don't want to rush you, but how long before we can see some pics of your costume? :eek:
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I just received my Bobamaker ROTJ flightsuit this week :eek: and just have to say that it is THE best suit you can buy and it is second to none. I've owned the SFP ROTJ TK409 gray suit and it does not compare at all. I am more than pleased with the quality and the best thing is I won't have to make any alterations with Bobamaker's. He really nailed everything from the color, fabric, and the details. This is my third and final flightsuit. Bobamaker's quality and customer service have proven to be superior as well. If you're shopping for a flightsuit, pay the extra money go with Bobamaker because it is worth it, believe me.
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Am hoping to get all my soft parts from bobamaker too- that feedback is fantastic!!!! Am looking forward to getting mine even more now!!!
I have a BM ESB Flightsuit and side pouches and I love them! I wished he lived on this side of the pond...I would upgrade with more of his stuff. His JP looks soooo awesome too.
I 100% agree with everyone above. Right now the only BM-softparts I own are the side pockets and those "small" pieces are soooooooo great. (y) I have the flak vest ordered already and just can´t await to get it.
Just chiming in to agree. I recently became the proud owner of a BM made flight suit, some side pouches, and ankle ties (as well as armor and lid, but this is about soft parts ;) ). Well done, DAZ! I couldn't be happier. (y)
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