Boba Fett\'s chest lights


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Boba Fett's chest lights

6/30 EDIT:

Sorry. Didn't mean to bump this for any reason other than to correct some ridiculously STUPID typos. :(

I've had several PMs about doing another run of FettLights. I'll try to PM each of you individually. But to make sure I don't miss anyone, and to catch anyone newly interested, I thought I'd bump this thread (with all of the details) to let y'all know I ordered some more boards and they arrived today. :)

However, due to a recent lay-off, I was only able to front the money for board etching. Because of funding, I cannot buy the parts up-front as I usually did in past runs. So, if anyone is interested in ordering a set, e-mail or PM me. As orders/payments come in (say in groups of 2 or 3), I'll order the parts and assemble them.

Thanks for looking!



Here's the run-down of answers to previously asked questions (hey, I have my own FAQ): ;)

1) The price has NOT gone up. $105, shipping included in the US. I previously mentioned a possible cost increase because I was ordering a smaller number of boards. However, it was small enough that I absorbed it.

2) You can order directly through me OR through RA's site. The price is fixed (same) to keep there from being "competition". I make the boards for RA, but don't want people bypassing them and coming to me to save money. If you want to buy from a trusted on-line dealer, RA is very trustworthy. And if you have other parts/orders through RA, this could also save you in shipping costs (having more than one item sent at once). This also allows you to have RA install it to your armor (if that's how you ordered it). :) But if you want just a set of lights, and want them straight from the source, I'm open to that too. ;)

3) You have the option of which version/stage you want. I was recently asked if it was ESB or ROTJ sequencing. Honestly, I couldn't tell you. Maybe Brak's could shed some light on that one? All I know is there is a 2-stage version, and a 3-stage. Whether or not they differed in the movies, or which one went to which movie ...

Here's a link to see the difference. Thanks again go to Brak's Buddy for hosting all of this. :)

Anyway, I think that's it. If I recall anything else I've been asked often, I'll add it here.


Just wanted to say thanks for all the interest guys ... looks like I'll be a little busy for a while.

Also wanted to thank tteF aboB for linking to his progress pics, and for the kudos. Glad ya like 'em! :)

After accounting for all those who chimed in (here or through PM), it looks like I'll have about 5 extra boards left. So they will still be available for a while, but I won't be ordering more boards for a bit (until these are gone and more interest arises).

Thanks again,

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Hey, good to have ya around again!! :)

I'm ahead of the game, got mine comin' from RA


Thanks mate!

take care,

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I'm still updating the list...if anyone insterested: talk now or you'll feel the true nature of the Dark Side! (last call).

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acyang wrote:

I'd like to get in on the list too if possible.

Done. :)

Just a reminder to all, my schedule is pretty busy these days. So even if you're name is on the list, it could be a few weeks before I get to you. This list is just so I can gauge how many parts I need to order, and how many I'll be building in my scarce spare time. ;)

For those newly added to the list or who may need time to save the money, no worries. If I come to your name in the list, and you don't want (or can't get) one at that time, I'll skip on to the next name. Also, I'm not collecting money from anyone until I start working on your lights ... meaning it should only be a few days before they get sent out. I don't like being indebted to anyone, which is why I'm not looking for pre-pays. ;)

And as I've told one or two people in PMs, I'm a no-pressure sales kinda guy. I'm not out to try and scrounge up money (but we all know it helps). :) If this circuit is something you want, and you haven't put your name on the list because it may be a while, then that's fine. Right now, I only want to track how many I need to build in the very near future. For anyone who will be needing one *eventually* ... I don't want anyone putting themselves in a bind to try and make this run. It's not like a mold that'll wear out ... there's no limited number of "pulls". The limiting factors on my end are parts suppliers, and having enough interest to justify getting the boards etched. I should still have a few boards left after this list is taken care of, and if not, there may always be enough interest to do another run down the road. Worst case, you'd end up having to wait a while for the next run ... but more can be made ... so no worries. :)

Thanks again,


P.S. Don't forget that Brak's site also has the schematics posted. So if anyone has a decent knowledge of electronics (I wouldn't recommend this for beginners), all the info you should need is there - and I can sell you just a programmed micro, so you won't have to invest in a programmer or write the code.
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man i wish i had the cash for the chest lighting.just the idea sounds awesome!!!:eek:

hopefully my tax return looks good :lol:
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