Boba Fett ROTJ Flight Suit, Jacket Plans


New Hunter
Hi yet again my fellow Boba Fetts. I've started my LONGGGGG Boba Fett ROTJ build as a project to help me with my mental health (during a 14week & more Shielding continued). Does anyone have plans, Bluprints, whatever there called to Fetts Flight Suit UK sizes. A fellow Fett fan has sent me the vest plans, to adjust to me, but was hoping somewhere there may be plans, bluprints whatever theyre called please. I can do full suit & half suit (easier to go toilet lol). This incudes pockets pouches, ammo pouches (not with the wood inserts) and what leather or Faux leather Colour, side pouches,
I'm UK as mentioned, so UK buying sites, but any plan help would be Super-Caller-Fragalistic...Ex-pi-ally-do- cious...Many thanks Guys
This site for so many things, and other sites during my build, and helped me with my mental health, and I hope others too.