Boba Fett Gauntlets WIP


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A friend of mine has a 3d printer and helped me out by printing these for me.
Ive been working on these for the last 2 weeks smoothing them out and painting and finally assembling them now.
Ive screwed in the hose attachment on one gauntlet but the side detail is taped on. Im noticing it actually overlaps the bottom gauntlet unlike how i have it taped on. The texture makes me think its heavily battle worn so ill be weathering it with silver to show paint flaking off. :)

I realize now its a pre production model so im again not accurate enough to be 501st... At this point im tired of stressing over weather or not they will accept me or not. It would be epic to be 501 but not at the cost of my happiness, I just want to have fun...

Constructive feedback is appreciated. :)




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my thing is this, don't get so wrapped up on 501st approval and whether or not you will make it because all the stress is gonna make this project a headache rather than an enjoyable experience. I would just say do lots and lots of research so you can avoid some problems. problems are unavoidable but it can limit them with some good research and preparation before jumping into certain parts


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True. This costume has been on and off the backburner for years. Stress on trying to make it accurate and failing miserably.
Im just hoping right now Im puting the hinges on the right side of the gauntlets x..x


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got them hinged. Hot glue and screws.. will mix up some epoxy to make sure they stay.
next is figuring out how to keep them closed.