Boba Fett custom stand - completed.


Finally finished the custom stand for my EFX Fett helm. (pics below)
I previously made custom stands for the EFX Vader, and EFX Trooper as well. (previous threads on the forum)
And also below is a shot of all the high end pieces together on their stands.
Vader, Trooper, Fett (all EFX), then Don Post Deluxe ( custom made Mandalore acrylic stand for it) , my ROTJ facelift Hasbro Black Series ( with my own standard black stand for Black Series helms - get it? Lol) then finally, the adorable .45 scale Master Replicas mini Fett.
20201007_231650.jpg 20201007_231808.jpg 20201007_232118.jpg 20201007_232133.jpg 20201007_232141.jpg 20201007_233707.jpg 20201007_234915.jpg
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