Boba Fett Armor for CIII done ! Pic intensive !!

Got Maul

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New pics added ! 4-26-05

Thought I would share a pic with yah SW fanatics. This is the Fett I will be gearing for CIII, its almost done, but its been a long time coming. Thanks for looking !


For the BIG detail pic :

Now for the credits :

1. All painting done by Me.
2. Armor pieces, FP (if you don't know what an FP is, shame shame)
3. Mystery Helmet (plain Jane)
4. Jet Pack- Purchased from Dymerski, INCREDIBLE paint job by him as well
5. Vest done by our own TK409, altered by a friend, Kathy and weathered by me

I think that's it. Thanks for looking !

New pics from CELEBRATION III !! 4/26/05



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How could I possibly forget, my BIGGEST thanks go to my good friend Lee. Without your tireless research, the keys to approaching a somewhat decent looking fett would never have existed. I cannot thank you enough.

also, forgot to mention, shoulders, collar and butt plate are sintra...there is only so much FP in the world !!!
That's awesome man! Great details!

But your house appears all swirly and might want to look into getting that fixed. ;) :D
Outstanding, GM ... now that's what I want mine to look like when I'm done .Very sharp clean details . Colors look great AWESOME good luck at C3!

that is a medical condition I have been trying to keep secret- oh, you mean the jet pack ! actually, its exactly the same design on the other side !:)
Wow GM!!!! Color, shape, proportion and presentation is all fantastic. It's painfully good. I can only hope you gain 300 pounds in the next 4 days.

You have 30 bajillion gazillionfrillion tillayialzion trillion costumes. SHARE THE WEALTH!!! I'll trade you a Matrix Twin outfit for one of your lesser used!!!

But yeah, that thing is awesome looking. Its like im lookin at it....and waiting for it to go... "As you wish...". Insane work bro! Great job!
Wow! You know, believe it or not, I think this is the first time I've ventured into the Boba forums since I first signed up. Now that I'm about done with Jango I can look around more. Nice thread to bump into for my first visit. Awesome, awesome job! My son wants to build a Boba now. Guess we got another year and a half to spend. :lol:

Outstanding job on the outfit!!! I wish I could see it firsthand this week but I`ll have to wait for Wizard World right? Take lots of pics of it this week eh?

Thank you all SO much ! Chris, I will try to put on 300 pounds just for you ~ lol.

Noticed I selectively didn't blur the goodies in the back ! Proton pack, r2 wearing a fedora, monkey with a toothbrush....
whoooo!!!!! that is awesome!!! makes me wish I had the money to buy all this stuff... heck that scratch build armor starts to become a nail to my coffin...

really very cewl costume!! :cheers
HAHA! I'm in that first picture of you by the line. Awesome armor though, Paint job is very nice, I hope mine comes out as good.
[5. Vest done by our own TK409, altered by a friend, Kathy and weathered by me]

What jumpsuit are you wearing in those pictures ? Perfect Color !!
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