Blueprints and Measurements needed !!

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First, hi everybody ! I am new over here and I already feel at home here. For years I have tried to create my own Boba armor but completley failed or lost interrest due lack of information or help.

Now I am a little older and NOW I serious about it. My target : Complete a BF before Halloween 2006.

As for my first task, I am looking for detailed blueprints w/ measurements for following parts.

* left wrist rocket
* kneepad dart launchers
* right wrist mini rockets
* square collar/back connectors

I have access to a company to get them machined for free to keep the overall costs down a little.

I will bookmark this thread and update through my progress.


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Search it, its here someplace. Everything you want to know is here but the trick is you have to look for it. It's a pain at times.


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i know that wizard of flight is workign on kneepad armor templates and that he includes the plans for the metal dart launchers. accurate size.


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Here is my gauntlet “rocket” drawing. I’m still working on the gauntlet blueprints/templates and the darts.


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