Blaster shoulder strap?


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I was wondering how many people have attached shoulder straps to their blasters and how did you do it?

Also, if you dont have a shoulder strap, how do you carry the thing around? Do you just hold it the whole time? Doesnt it get a little heavy?

Thanks all!


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I have a couple of the brass rifle stock "eyes" that I predrilled and screwed into the butt of my blaster handle and into the bottom of the stock.

I'll see if I can find pics...


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ESB blaster has the sling/strap

ROTJ doesn't

If you are doing ESB... you could just go to the home depot and get acouple of small brass eye-screws, than get two small (3/4") metal rings... or you could even use some small key-rings. Screw the eye-screws into the stock and grip, than put a metal ring onto each of the eyes.

As far as the sling it self.... just dig around at the good-will, find a skinny old leather belt and cut it up.

Anyway, that would be a cheap way of doing it.... not what I personaly did... but still an option.

Jimmy BufFETT

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My blaster weighs around 5lbs ... its' fairly heavy for a blaster. I find it best to switch hands every now and then. It's also not so heavy if you hold it near its center of mass.


I just bought some D-ring clasps which have two screw holes each to attach to the stock with. I bought some scrap leather from Fabric Depot and I am in the process of making the strap so that it is strong enough to sling the blaster. I'll post/send pictures when I'm done if anyone's interested.