Blastech Photoshoot

Art Andrews

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During the CA photoshoot I had my first opportunity to work with colored gels and they made such a positive impact on the photos that I came right home and bought some for myself! Blastech was kind enough to come up tonight and model for me for several hours while I played with lighting and colors. He is a real trooper (no pun intended) and endured a lot of standing around while I made adjustments and changes. Here are a few of the test shots we tried. Some were greater successes than others... Thanks, Jesse!!!





Galactic Hunter

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Brak's, I love the drama that the Blue and Red Gels create!:eek: The modled lighting really creates more of mood!(y) Can't wait for you to get back to the Chicago / Wisconsin area again!;)
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Those are nice pics... Shoot, all I got was Got Maul screaming "GROW!!!!!" at me for about 10 min, Dgasser finally took the pics..... :p

Katua Fett

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Awesome pictures man, those gels will for surly add a new flare to your port. Deff the First and the Last are my favorite! Have you ever considered using a cookie with the gels? So when are you coming up to the Bay!?

TK Fett

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Awesome photos, those gels are awesome. How much did they cost you ?
This one little change has really stepped up your photos, before you had really beautiful pics of costumes in front of backgrounds now its like one fluid scene.

Star Wars Chick

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Jesse, I told Art lastnight- that first one is hands down the best stormtrooper costume pic I have seen. That pic right there should make everyone want to have a suit. You are exactly what a stormtrooper should look like. Outstanding work by both of you!