BKBT Jango to Boba Version 2.0


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Well, after getting 'my precious' back (thanks Camblin!) I decided to make some more alterations on it so that it looks more Boba like. I widened the angle on the horizontal part of the visor a little more and ground down the curve of the mandibles to reduce their size (THAT was nerve wracking!). And it may not be visible in the pics, but I subtly 'wonked' the visor to give it a little more ESB flair (not flare). I've also replaced the Jango 'ears' with RS and SS's Accurate Ear Set. I am waiting on a replacement Keyslot from Marrow Sun ...AND THEN DULOC WILL HAVE IT'S PERFECT KING!... umm, I don't know where that came from? Anyway here's the progress pics so far...:)





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