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I thought I would start a new thread since my other one was sidetracked. I just want to chronicle the buildup & this is a good way to keep me on top of this project. Pic 1 shows the freshly dremmeled keyholes. Pic 2, the cut out visor, more wetsanding & spot filler. Pic 3, another coat of fresh primer. The left mandible warps in slightly beacause of the way it is sitting. This was square before I trimmed the fiberglass & I'll square it up again when I install the visor.

helmet buildup 002.jpg

helmet buildup 005.jpg

helmet buildup 006.jpg
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Sigh!.....Why BKBT? You need to quite teasing man! At least until I get mine here and get to work on it!LMAO!(y) Just kidding man!
Amazing job and look forward to every pic and update. I'll have some too soon!;)
Well I haven't been able to work on my own bucket lately but Jonathan was kind enough to me this pic that I could use to show a finished helmet. This is #1 from the mold & the first one painted up. That is not real chrome but Alcad II paint. I am going to have to try this stuff out, looks fantastic!(y)

Shunned copy TDH.jpg
Wow! that looks great! I'm amazed that is paint. I'd like to know more about the Alcad II paint. Does it spray on like that or does it need to be polished and stuff? Is it easy to find/buy?
I can get it at my hobby store but I could see smaller stores not carrying it. You have to spray it over a black base coat & I think it gets buffed after. Maybe Jonathan will see this & chime in with his paint technique.
I receive mine a few days ago and I love it! The best Jango Fett helmet out there!!!

Only a few minor adjustments, but then again it's just that part of me that wants things perfect. :p

Then the paints come. :D

I'll post pics of my process.
Will do. I'm leaving to Florida in a few minutes. So I'll get back to this later.

hope you dont mind me pointing out those few things BKBT. I know that the only way we could get a perfect helmet is by getting a copy of the real thing.

Again this helmet is the best helmet I have seen for a Jango. I love the side profile. Shoot! I love the whole thing.

Can't wait to start painting it.

Have a great weekend fellaws.

No offense taken. I realize that it is far from perfect & I could have kept working on it for another month & still not be finished. Besides, if I made it perfect you wouldn't have anything to customize.:lol:
Hi guys,

I just wanted to stop by and make comment and drop you all some pics of BKBTs amazing bucket! I must concur with SEEKER and Vince you'll just have to take a bow dude! This IS the definitive JANGO bucket ever on TDH IMHO!(y)
I too had to makes some adjustments ,but was not at all bothered by doing the work myself as most of us usually enjoy that to some degree! I wanted to share some thoughts and visuals of my buildup. hope thats cool Vince!

I dig this helmet for several reasons ,but the main one is that you can tell its from scratch and a high quality representation of Jango's bucket! Some have pointed out some discrepancies ,but once you hold one in your hands you come to realise that it is closer than you originally thought! (IMO of course!)
All the details are super Crisp and there are very few bubbles in BKBT's work! Best of all no seam line from the mold either! So clean up was very easy and quick!
The only draw back was a "small" warp in the left mandible and side! Once you cut the "T" out completely you'll begin to understand what I mean. Totally Fixable and not a problem once you install the Visor, but had me worried for just an instant!LOL

Once I had it all cut out and cleaned up my bondo to where I was pleased with it (yes I'm anal about my stuff too!LOL!!!TDH made me that way!(y) ) I primed it and painted the entire helmt Gloss Black! I then went in and masked and painted all the Blues!Once I was done with this, Off to the Auto detailer it went to be Clear coated! It was almost ashame(not really!LOL) to drop the chrome on it as it was as Glossy as my ROTJ Vader!
Took 20 minutes to mask the Blue areas and another 10 to drop on the Alclad and off to the dryer it went! Automotive pinstripes applied too!;)

Today I installed the visor (I fixed the Warp!)and began the weathering process to step 1!
I took a clean piece of red scotchbrite and lightly started to put swirles and etching in the chrome to simulate brushed metal! It turned out sweet real quick! and am about to begin the acrylic weathering step 2! More pics to come! For those of you who asked:

Here the info on the Alclad II:
While most members here use the "rub-n-buff" products, I was just not all that happy with the results I've had ,but this doesnt mean it does'nt work thats forsure! Seeker and Mirax both have extremely good presentation with theirs to just name a couple! Alclad gives me exactly what I expect though and I can work it to my advantage! Heres how:
1) Whatever your spraying this stuff onto (Airbrush or can!) it must be a high gloss BLACK finish to achieve the chromed appearance!
2) Spray this on in thin coats! It will go through the gun fast and to do a full helmt you will require a bottle and maybe a half!
3) Let dry for 10 minutes and wipe off overspray and allow to finish drying 24 hours before handling!
Now handling is a different story in its raw chrome state! Like real chrome, finger prints do take ,but with with alClad and any good paint our oily hands will damage the finish and upon use after use will look like worn metal!
Handle the bucket gently for the first few days OR you can opt to topcoat the alclad as well,but expect some of the reflectiveness to die down some!

Alclad makes many finishes!
ie: Chrome, Polished alluminum, steel, titanium, Stainless steel,etc!
I choose chrome becuase I weather it afterwards with some scotchbrite and acrylics/water!;)pics coming!

I want to Thank Vince (BKBT) for the hard work and dedication for getting us a Killer Jango Bucket! Now we have something to rival the Awesome bobas out there! I'm going to post another thread too with alot more pics of my bucket and progress! Any questions feel free to ask or pm/email!
Thanks guys and TTYL!


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The helmets incredible!:eek:
My favourite part for me though is not so much the alclad II(as impressive as it looks!(y) ) but the painting of the Blue tones...
They are as good as I've ever seen...(y)
I would love to know what the two blues are?;)
Could you indulge?:)

Ps: I think the only way to improve on this helmet is maybe the full cut out of the diamonds with clean precise edging and then a backing piece inside to give it a clean look with depth...
It tends to be a focal point for me when gazing endlessly at its georgousness!
just a thought...

PPS: when watching movie footage of Jango in action I have always believed the top pinstripe from what i have seen...
is one continuous piece running over the top of the ear-piece rather than into it?...
It seems nearly all Jango's on TDH that I've looked at run the top pinstripe into the ear piece just like the bottom one...

Has anyone else ever thought/noticed this?...
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Hi guys and thanks again for the comps!

Mason, sure can! I knew this question would come!:lol:
I am a student of mixing colors to get what I'm after! There was no way I could get these colors by using straight out of the bottle paints! Not that theres anything wrong with that, It's just my personal taste! I'm just too anal to let it alone so I used a "dull light" photo of the suit/helmet to get the correct tones and heres is the basic formula and paints!
***Please keep in mind this is MY interpretation and dead on to the pic I have. Some opinions may vary and thats A-OK with me! I got what I wanted for my suit and if you decide you like the formula feel free to have at it!;)***

I used Model Master/Testors French Blue # 2715 as the basis of the blue tone!

Now, for the ears, inner mandibles, and RF I took one bottel of the french blue and added 6 drops of Model masters BLACK and mixed thoroughly! add 3 more drops once you've mixed the initial step and your there!
Any version of black will do ,but use the same product line!(ie: model masters!) This is what I believe is a good representations of the Darker Blue!

For the upper mandible and visor line, I took a New fresh bottle of french blue and added 6 drops of white and mixed thoroughly! I then added 6 more drops once initial mix was complete and your there! Use same product line and GLOSS white to reach this step easier!

There you have it!

As for your mention of the Jangos on AOTC!
Here is a pic of the real deal and it shows the pin stripes as they run into the earpiece! There are 4 or so stunt helmets throughout the movie that were used for alot of the action scenes which may have this detail your talking about ,but I've never noticed it before and thought I'd share the pic!
thanks and enjoy!

Ok, Jonathan has the paint covered, so I'll try to fill in the gaps when I get time. I have had a few questions about cutting the visor & keyholes. First, make some pencil lines to trim to. The visor is fairly deeply recessed so you should trim it so its sits only 1/8" back. Use a dremmel tool & a fiber reinforced cutoff wheel to do the cutting. The thin wheel will just explode & send shards flying everywhere so don't use that. Trim close to your lines & finish off with a file & sandpaper to make it smooth. The keyholes can again be cut with a dremmel tool & a spiral bit. Again, just get close to the edge & finish off with some small jeweller's files. I'll post some pics of the tools later & if anyone has some in progress shots of this procedure, feel free to post them.
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