BH-7113 Yango


New Hunter
Hello Dentedhelmet,
I thank you for all of your information I used to make my costume. What a great website.
I am part of the 501st. Been active since May 2004. What a great time I have been having. Made a lot of new friends. Helped a lot of people in my part of the world. Proud to be called Yango.
I based my costume on the 12" action fig, not the movie...The kids love it...
Strict, 101% attention to accuracy is not the only path to costuming greatness. Your Jango does the job and combines quality, innovation and style. Lookin' good. I bet you've got the 2nd nicest Mandalorian costume in your garrison. ;)
The Gloves are EMPIRE Paintball Gloves...They have armour on the outside..Grips on the inside to handle guns and they breath to keep your hands cool in the heat. 8)
Plus they are EVIL ;)
I love them.. (y)
Here's a pic of the Mandos in our Garrison...

Costume Gauntlets...


Flashlight, Clock, Pen with blue light, Lazer pointer,Bellybutton Rave Flasher. :p


Flashlight in action... ;)
BH-7113 said:
5'10" 175 lbs...Forarms are 10"
178 cm 82 kg 24.5cm long ;)

lol thanks...
I've got some problems with your "metric system"
5 feet and 10 inches ... not easy to have two measures :)

I prefere "centimeters" :)
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