BFUK Jet Pack Update and Next Phase

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Hello all members.

I am finishing Phase 1 and 1.5 of the jet pack run, here are the next 3 for DutchFett, Kwally89 and Lisa. All primed and ready to ship out.


They will all go Tuesday, (due to the public holiday here on Monday) by which time the last 2 will be ready to ship with them for Cr4nky and 99cenTaco. If any of those members have not supplied a phone number can they get one to me.

For the next phase I want to work things a little differently. With the changes and mold improvements I have made I figure I can make 2 of these per week and have a little time to finish and work on other projects which have taken a back seat recently. Also I have a weeks vacation coming up where I am away with the family. So I figure I can get 10 packs made and shipped before then.

So, at the moment I have 1 open spot (for members on the list at this time) for next week. The turnaround for these will be one week, but if we allow 2 including shipping all will be well. I will then open up 2 more slots each week before I have a well earned break.

In addition I can add the following updates to items available, all of which are on hand and ready to ship with your kits.

Aluminum Missile center section. The missile was made for this part to fit exactly.


Aluminum Beacon and stabilizer.


Working Lamp for aluminum beacon.



Soft Harness.


NOTE: The harness is supplied with metal rectangle rings to use with jet pack hooks, this harness is fitted with plastic buckles by special request. The basic harness does not come with the buckle, that is available seperatly for those who have one already.

Replica US Divers Buckle. The buckle is lazer etched with the us divers lettering.


Jet Pack hooks. To mount your pack on the harness.


IMPORTANT - Changes to shipping charges for the next phase onwards.

Due to having a pack suffer damage in transit I have considered the issue to minimize any future packs being damaged and the cost and inconvenience to myself and members. Now I can offer insurance for an additional £9, but I think that this may incur custom charges for most members. So I will be sending all future shipments in a solid crate.


Due to an increase in weight the shipping costs will now be £37 and not £35 for international and £22 for UK members. I hope everyone understands why this is happening and that this is, in my opinion the best solution to the problem. Needless to say I am covering the cost of the crates.

Thanks all.

Paypal info:
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Bobby Fett UK

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Thanks guys.

The metal work is in parts thanks to Full Metal Fett and will be the cherry on the cake when the metal harness rig is finalised, more info on that part of the project very soon, (right Mojo ;) (y))

All outstanding packs are now finished and ready to ship or shipped, as follows.

Kwally89 - Shipped
Dutch Fett - Received
Lisa - Packed for shipping
Cr4nky - ready for packing
Xfettx/Mr Bungle - Packed ready to ship
Kalarcana - Pcked ready to ship

All will ship Monday, I hope to get Son of the baptist covered then too.

Here are some photos of a recently painted ESB pack supplied to a member here. It gives you an idea of how it can look painted up with the greeblies fitted Shown here with the alum beacon and stabilizer upgrade.









Thanks all,

:jet pack Bobby
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Looks superb that Rob! Am sure the pics don't do it justice. Seeing in person gonna look a lot better. Not heard from you much lately Rob.
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Wow!!! I got my jet pack today, and all I have is praise for this piece of art!! Truly amazing craftsmanship! All the cast-in nuts and bolts are perfectly aligned and allow the rocket to stand perfectly straight. The surface is clean and very nice!! Wow....I am so glad I jumped on this!! Thanks again bro!!

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Thanks for the great comments gives me great pleasure to know you are happy.

I know I have said it before, but I want to say a big thanks to all the members who took a punt on this project and for your patience in the deliveries to date, especially the phase one guys. Many reasons exist for the delays, not least the changes made to improve the final packs, and that I wanted to try and get all the packs to the same detail and standard. It was very important to me to get this project right and that ALL the packs, including the first sets, were of the same quality and detail as the ones that will subsequently follow. So a big big thanks to you guys :cheers

Now then, that said, the production times and turnarounds are well in hand and running at 1 to 2 weeks at last, so with no further a do, I hope the following members are happy with their packs which all shipped today

xFettx / Mr Bungle - Tracking Number 405 4703 435 @

Lisa - Tracking Number 405 4703 446 @

Cr4nky - Tracking Number 405 4703 461 @

Pm's being sent or sent to all shipped packs members.

:jet pack Bobby :cheers
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Got my pack today!!! Wee!!!

Man, it looks so awesome. I can´t wait to get to work on this baby tomorrow!

Bobby...hat´s off to ya.
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And where is mine? :facepalm

Just kidding :p Nice work you have done with the jet pack BF :cheers
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More packs shipped today guys (y)


With working lamp, alum Beacon and Alum missile section


Tracking Number 3787468214 to sunny Alaska :D - tracked at

Son of the Baptist

With working lamp, alum Beacon & stabilizer, missile section and harness.


Tracking Number 3787468252 - tracked as



Harness, alum beacon & stabilizer and jet pack hooks (or Rocketpack hooks :lol:)


Christmas morning :lol:


A few other bits and bobs went out to complete orders and bring me up to date with the shipping of all paid in full items.

Finishing up this weeks packs over the weekend for shipping early next week. Next weeks production, before I go on vacation for a week, I am making 3 packs in readiness for some WIP paint threads when I get back (y)

Lastly, if any one wants to secure a slot for the next run of production feel free to pm me.

Thanks all, Bobby.
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Just wanted to let you know I received my pack last night. I had to spend the next few hours wiping off all of the drool I left. I can't wait to get started on this.

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Very, VERY impressive work. Professional as can be, mate. You guys are lucky to get these babies!!
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