Beth's Jango Build


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can you up the link where you buy the gloves ????????thanks..........I have several months looking for a pair............


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Woah, thank you all so much for the kind words - it really does mean a lot coming from you guys!
I'm relieved that the boot armour looks okay, I was a bit worried about them. Thanks for the heads up FettFanatic, I'll see if I can get some shots of them on some boots!

Sorry about the lack of updates recently :rolleyes I seem to have somehow moved to Hoth without realising it..the weather has been useless! I'm sure any UK based Fetts out there will agree...

On to some progress!

Here are some SPC Boba gauntlets, which I'm in the process of modifying at the moment for Jango. The sizing seems perfect and they are amazing files! Hats off to Skupilkinson, he is a pepakura god!


And here's my new baby!!





Asok does an amazing job with these buckets...I honestly couldn't be happier with this helmet, and I'm super excited about working on it. I buffed it with steel wool a few days ago, but this morning I found some chrome polish and worked on it for a while. I'm quite happy with the result :D I'm a bit wary of making it too shiny though, as it won't look right with the rest of the armour pieces! I should probably stop buffing it before I get carried away, but it's SO THERAPEUTIC, lol.

I noticed that in these pics, the mandible on the left looks wonky - it's cool, I just haven't filed it down yet. I'm gonna leave that little block at the bottom until I'm ready to paint it, just as a bit of support.

With any luck the paint should be delivered tomorrow, and hopefully the weather will improve so that I can get some colour onto it! Yaaaay!
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Good job. The helmet looks great. I like keeping some of the material in the visor area or putting in a temporary visor so that the helmet doesn't warp. Keep up the good work.


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great job with the gauntlets , and nice helmet, and yes the weathers is pants here at the moment
Thanks! Haha, at least it's easing up a bit now... :D

Hi, you helmet shiny is good man!!!!!!!!, are you build you gauntlets?? great!!!!!!!!

check here mi gauntlets build later:

was Boba Fett and transforms in Jango

PEDRO NIEVES GAUNTLETS Photos by snowaure | Photobucket
Thanks Snowaure, glad you like it! Yep, the gauntlets are fibreglassed now and I'm ready to start doing some bondo work with them! Yours look really cool ;)

Good job. The helmet looks great. I like keeping some of the material in the visor area or putting in a temporary visor so that the helmet doesn't warp. Keep up the good work.
Thank you so much! Yeah, I wasn't sure whether it was still possible for something so sturdy to warp, so I kept in the bit at the bottom. I'll probably leave it right up until I'm ready to install the visor ;)


Here are some updates!






The darker blue is RAL 5000 and the lighter blue is RAL 5015. I heard that the RAL 5000 is more accurate when it's mixed 1:1 with RAL 5001, but as this is still my first ever build and first time using spray paint, I don't mind too much if it's a bit off. Sorry that the pictures aren't that great, I'll get my proper camera out to take some when it's all done! The other ear piece is still covered in masking tape, so I'll take upload some of the other side tomorrow when it's properly painted.

The gauntlets are all fibreglassed and ready for some body filler; I just need to pick some up from Halfords. Woop! Should have some more updates for you in the next few days!


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Thanks everyone! Really appreciate the kind words. Glad the colours look okay, I looked everywhere for the recommended Krylon and Rustoleum colours, but didn't have any luck!

This afternoon I finished tidying up the right ear piece and range finder. Here it is:


My gauntlets are outside at the moment; I'm in the middle of bondo-ing them :) I'll post pics when I have some interesting progress on them!


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Sorry about the double post! Here's the top clamshell of the right gauntlet. Still need to add the dart housing, and there's lots more modding/detailing to do, but I primed this just to see where things were going :)



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Thanks everyone! Really appreciate the kind words!
Sorry I haven't updated in so long, I'm back at Uni now so progress will be much slower :(
However my helmet now has a visor!



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Nice helmet...I am beginning a collection and hope to have one soon. don't know if I have the talent to custom make my own.