Best Bondo alternative?


Hey all,
I used bondo on my first jetpack but found it to dry to fast and to hard to work with. Is there an alternative filler that dries slower/is generally better?

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How much hardener did you add??? With bondo, if you add a lot of hardener it will cure super fast!!! You could try adding less hardener and it will give you more work time. Generally, the darker and redder your condo is the quicker it will cure. If more of a light pink, you will have more work time....just a thought...


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And the darker the color, the weaker it is. Sounds like you are adding too much hardener.

Also, what are you putting it on?
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I built 3 packs out of foam board (too cheap to go for a fiberglass one lol) and I use vinyl spackle, sand it smooth, and then brush on a layer of Elmer glue. It's amazing. So easy to work with and then when you have it where you want it the glue almost makes a thin shell. Just my thought :) I belive Matty Matt did that