BatNinja's ESB Hip Pouches


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Taking a break from the Bulloch project for a few days has allowed me to catch up on a few TDH member orders.

Based on this pic from ESB:

I've redesigned my ESB pouches to be more screen accurate:

They're made of a blue/grey canvas, and are measured at 7x7x2 inches with Velcro closure. I've also added Velcro tabs at the top instead of belt loops at the top for attaching to the backside of the ammo belt.

Comments are welcome!


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Alright. I think that does it. I'm OFFICIALLY converting to ESB now. ANd with a new hyperfirm rotj ee-3 on the way too :facepalm Trades? Anyone ? :lol:

Great work Eric !!!! :cheers



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No, the ROTJ are more rectangular (7x6x2 inches, as pictured above) instead of square. I use khaki canvas with belt loops.

As for delivery, I have a few sewing orders to go, but should be able to mail them out by week's end. I process orders in order of payment received.
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I might be wrong, but in my own studying of the two storage hip pouches for ESB, the right & left pouch are not identical to each other.

Left pouch. This image appears to show that the left is longer than the right. and more rectangular in shape.

Right pouch. This image shows the right to be more square, and possibly wider than the left.

Just my two cents.