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I have a couple of questions regarding the ESB helmet. I bought one painted up by Nick Anzalone recently, it's a Rubies Deluxe with modified stalk. I understand several people have had 501st approval with this helmet without too much modification. My big dream is to one day do a full Boba Fett outfit but I thought I'd at least get the helmet sorted first.

First of all, what modifications would the Rubies ideally need? My stalk is a bit wobbly, but looks ok. I was going to weather the helmet more, dusting on some black grime. Secondly, whats a good liner to put in it? At the moment it just has the foam which came with it. Without going into massive electronics, fans etc., just the liner.



Not a fan of the paintjob on the ear pieces, left seems to be missing it's silver layer, and right has some funky as off-sized decals.
Rest of it seems pretty dandy though, captures the general ESB aesthetic quite well and the colors seem well-chosen. The damage layers aren't perfect of course, but not distractingly so.

For liners, lotta people like the MICH pad sets, pretty much any padding will work though. If you want more airflow, or just want to match the original prop more, you can get a suspension rig from a hardhat or climbing helmet and stick it in there too.

As for upgrades, I'm not really too familiar with specific helms and how to upgrade em to spec or anything, only done a single scratch build myself. But first things that always make Rubies really obvious to me personally though is the flat borden connector, the really thick right ear cap, and the thickness of the plastic around the visor. Can't do much for that last one, but the first two are probably good goals.
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I am not sure how many of these have gotten 501st approval. I have never seen one get approved. I am not saying it isn't possible or that it hasn't happened, but if your goal is getting a screen accurate Boba Fett I would probably invest the money in a different helmet. By the time you do all the adds, the touch ups and modifications you will spend quite a bit and still have a Rubies helmet.

But that's just my 2 cents.


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Use the templates to compare and contrast to figure out where you need more weathering:
Boba Fett ESB Helmet Stencils

Use a small detail brush using small amount of acrylic airbrush paint to add the detail by hand to the ears, etc. Have a wet towel handing to wipe away any mistakes. Let dry and spray with matte clear coat. Other than that the only issue that may hold you up is the lack of a MQ Board. But I have seen less accurate ones get approved unfortunately.

As for liner, take a look at this: LS2 Helmets Liner for FF386 Helmets (Black, X-Small): Automotive
For the big size of the Rubies I would get an XXL size padding.


Thanks. With the new Archive-X paints coming I'm sorely tempted to make my own. What's the best way to get hold of a FPH2?