Bad Day


I need to share what happened to me today. I got home from work today and noticed that my bucket wasnt' where I left it the night before. It had fallen off the kitchen table and BROKE. Man am I upset. The left mandible has completly broken off from the helmet. I am hoping that I can fix it. It is a DP 95 but I am not sure that it is salvageable. Wish me luck
it should be salvagable. i had the same damn thing happen to me last month. and mine was fiber glass. i fixed it up though and i am gunna sell it
Is that all that broke? If so, that should be a piece of cake to fix. Drill a hole on both sides, and use a small piece of wire like a cloth hanger to align it. Then superglue it, and use some bondo to smooth the seam.
Way back when, I made my own helmet. It was a chore because I had never used fiberglass before. I did it the hard way and built up the layers and sanded areas down. My Father was suspicious of my "activities" in the basement and the unexplainable fumes. Nothing but bondo and glass resin. Anyway, I had most of the helmet built, and had it on a work bench. My mother alerted me to the fact that she heard some noise in the basement when my Father went down there for an extended period of time.... I ran down to find my helmet on the floor with a 4" crack in it! I was able to fix it..... fortunately, but my Mom beat up my dad for me ;)
That sucks! I'm so sorry! Maybe you could find one of those dummy foam heads from Sally's Beauty supply or a other type store to sit it on so it won't fall again. Their cheap, and it might be helpful.
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