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O man, after one summer, three attempts at making knee and shoulder pieces I finally discover mandalorian blueprints. Hahahaha, in about twenty minutes I sized up the piece perfectly and cut them out of syntra. Good stuff.

But there isnt a blueprint for a backplate. I did a search through here also, could anyone give me a little help.

yea...actually i was looking up on the mandalorian site for some templates best advice is to study what pics are out there and use that.
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I am currently working on my backplate too. I reproduced the blueprint pattern on cardboard, and then quickly realized it was not accurate. So I added bits of cardboard to it until I got it. I only had to add 4 bits to get it right:

I started to try to explain it but that was too hard, instead I attach a ROUGH sketch of the additional bits.

In the reference pics there is an angle behind the shoulder but it is not that noticeable, so I didn't worry about it. I was just trying to get something that was relatively close.

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Oh, yeah ... next time you might get more, and faster responses if you would heed the moderators' advice by making your message title pertain more to your subject...maybe something like 'backplate woes'
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cool thanks freekk!!

Mackie thanks a lot for the blueprint, it helps out a lot. I kno that angular thing u are talking about, it looks kinda hard to make.

U are right, i should change the subject to somthing a bit closer to the title...dont wanna make the moderator Gods angry
No prob man!
You could get the angular bends if you made the red lines that go from the 'love handles' to the shoulder a little more vertical and then, a few inches before the top of the blueprint, angle them out a bit. It is also something that I think you could cut after the whole thing was made and shaped. I'm not sure because I have yet to finish mine.

Post a pic here if you get done anytime soon. I'd love to see how yours turn out. Mine won't be done for probably another week, but I may scrounge some time this weekend.
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