Aussie Bly going Mando'a.



G'day guys,

My name is Matt, i'm part of the 501st under the same name, TC_1538, proud Commander Bly. I think alot of members would recognise me from on here, i've seen a few infamous names already ;) :lol: .

I just would like to drop by and introduce myself, and say that i am embarking on my long dreamed version of what i think mandalorian Royalty/ Nobility would look like. ill post pics and update as i can, the first thing being done is converting one of those awsome NERF rifles into my main weapon of choice. also thinking of adding a set of pistols, but most likely not westars, trying to go for something different.

Well, see you around. bye for now :)
A mando of nobility/royality eh? Sounds like a great idea! Are you going for something European in general, or something else?
Thanks for the welcome guys, good to be here.

Don't really have too much info for you now, it's just been an idea that has been kicking around in my head for a while now. i have my colour scheme roughly worked out, but now seeing MS helmet, i think i've found my different look helmet. no jet pack, full jango style armour, with the three primary colours being gold, grey and black, With possible crimson highlights. But how i use those colours is what im hoping will separate my armour from everyone elses. I'll have a fiddle around with different combinations until im satisfied it won't make me look like a special ed mando, then i'll post up some concept pics.

What does everyone think about the armour? i personally want to go with metal so it looks more real, but i've heard it can be difficult to come by? this isn't really my field yet, i'm still in my Clone commander boots, so any help would be awsome guys.

Wickedbeard, from what I hear and saw from pics, has the best metal armor. (sorry if it's a crime to point out sellers here...I fear the CT.N administrators:lol:)

It's made out of sheet steel (I think), and is quite flexible and comfertable for when your constantly on the move. Durability is, of course, no question. And the price ain't to bad either. If you need a paint scheme done, I believe he does those professionally as well.

I think it's a wonderful idea. We know that there are Mandos that are related to rich/nobile/royal/ families. Sergeant Walon Vau imparticular, I believe, left his family to become a Mando, and that's one reason why Kal hates him so much. (note: for those that don't know, these characteres are from the "Republic Commando: Triple Zero" novel...Everyone else, ya'll good)

I had a thought one time to something nepolionic for a mando armor, kind of like the military outfits in Gundam Wing. Triez in particular. I like the blue with gold filigry (or something) along the edges:
Hey VP, Another TDH member from downunder! Welcome aboard. Keen to see how you go with your mando Nobility costume. I'm currently working on my ROTJ fett; I've picked up pretty much everything I need for the costume here on TDH, so your definately in the right place. PM me if you want any info on the parts i've got and who to get them through etc.
Cheers mate
thanks for the welcome guys, nice to be here.

ill keep you up to date with my whacky crazy adventures, some of them are going to be a challenge, heh.

Kidakira, nice to have another crazy skip floating around. are you 501st at all? or do you know any of the Novus ordo guys?
VP, not a member of the 501st yet, this is my second Fett so once it's finished i'll get on to joining up. Don't know any of the Novus ordo guys; are they in Melbourne?
yeah, we have a couple of members down in melbourne, drop by the forums and say hi, tell them anakin sent you, heh.

best part about that group is it isnt restricted to "good guys or bad guys" costumnes, as long as its star wars, you can wear it. we have about 100 or so members, so it would be cool to see you over there.
Hi guys, time for an update,
just got word from the guy doing my painting that he sent some teaser pics ove,r and he was spot on about the teasing. i cant wait to see the finished product if this is his progress so far. let me know what you all think, there is going to be mando lettering going inside the gold all the way around every piece. Mando/
The armor looks great as per usual concerning wickedbeards creations. I'm about ready to have him repaint my armor for me as I doubt I'll ever be able to make anything to rival or surpass his stuff...I guess I could call myself lucky as I live about 45 minutes away from him! I need to Shanghai him some weekend and put him to work finishing my leg armor and doing the repaint!!!:lol:

Hey Guys, Update time, hooray (lol)

i managed to get most of the painting for my pistols done, for those of you who have seen my armour, i wanted the pistols to have the same look. keeping in the family, so to speak. cooments please would be apprecitaed, both good and bad:)

My brother's exact words apon seeing them;
"dude, i didnt know Robocop was a mandalorian":facepalm

what do you all think?



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