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Hey guys and gals.

Just about ready to put the JF Helmet mold into motion.

Before I go on, let me first disclaim - I am no Jango expert. Wasn't even a "Fan" really until recently, so I never paid much attention.

Did anyone else ever know/suspect that the RF Stalk on Jango's helmet is "Static" (non-moveable) ? (hero/stunt/otherwise?)

I'd love to hear your thoughts. I will glady say "why" I am asking, after I get some non-biased comments ;)

Thanks Gang!

It moved in the Kamino scene. Matter of fact it moved backwards when Jango fired his jet pack missile at Obi-Wan and there's a pic of it somewhere in here.
Yes! You do see it move during the Jango vs. Obi-One face off, right when Jango fires the Jet Pack Rocket. But again, digital! I've always thought that more could've been intended for the range finder, but anything that would been shown would've been added afterwards, I think that's why the range finder top actual appearence is so plain. But with that said, Why not make it movable, you know it should be, same goes for the RF lights, why just have to random little bumps on top that don't do anything?

My 2 Cents:cheers
Thanks for the input so far guys :)

Yes, I believe that CG played a huge role here where the RF is concerned)

Unlike Boba in the OT, I think they needed a stationary stalk, because Jango's role was much more physical. (they couldn't have a stalk flopping around :lol: )

Of course, the reason for starting this topic is because the studio casting I now have the molds for. It is very obvious that when the mold of the studio component was made, the RF and cap assembly was already, uh, assembled :lol:

But there are some other VERY interesting observations that I've made as I've essentially reverse engineered the one piece studio casting, and have found that it is much more intricate that originally thought.

The studio casting STRONGLY suggests that the RF stalk slides down into the ear cap assembly (in a "track" that is routed into the inner portion of the rear of the ear cap assembly), and is machine screwed into place at the back portion of the rear ear cap assembly. This suggests that the RF stalk has a "threaded" hole in it. The bottom portion of the RF stalk is not uniform to the taper of the rest of the stalk either. The last inch + of the bottom of the stalk, is actually "blocked". About 1/8 of an inch wider than the widest portion of a normal stalk's base on each side. Shaped exactly like the mating track on the inside. There is also a track on the back portion of the rear cap that mates to a track on the side of the helmet, as I'm sure most of you have seen already.

There are a few other tid bits, but I'll leave that for the pictures I suppose. It's hard to explain this stuff :lol: I will be posting them soon.

The reason for reverse engineering the cap and stalk assembly, is to be able to offer an assembly with the helmet casting that will accept an aluminum RF stalk, as the studio casting is cast in one piece, and would require HEAVY modification by the owner. I will include "my assembly", made with the real studio castings, as well as the original one piece casting for collectors posterity ;) However, I will not offer a an assembly that will allow the RF stalk to move forward and back. The reason for this is that it would not be accurate to the studio cast helmet that I may offer. If there was an RF/ear cap assembly made by LFL/Fox that allowed RF stalk movement, this one isn't it :lol: Again, the reason is accuracy, not functionality. Later down the line, I may consider an articulated assembly.

I would LOVE to hear from some more Jango fans on this. Especially those that are hardcore reference hounds ;)

Pics to follow. :cheers

While I think that it would be cool to have a moving RF, I don't think its necessary. Although it is canon to have a moving RF on Jango, accuracy on these casts seems to be more important. I figure if people want a moving RF they could do the modifcations themselves. The only benefit I ever received from a moving RF was that it made it easier to store.
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