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I was wondering how one attaches the hip pouches for ESB fett. Before I finished my ammo pouches and belt I was always under the assumption that they just looped over the belt. Unfortunately with the positioning of the pouches on ESB fetts belt this makes it impossible. So I was looking for some input from you guys before I take any radical steps.
Most of us use velcro. Attach a small square on the back of each ammo pouch, then sew a corresponding strip of velcro on to the hip pouches for them to attach. This also keeps your ammo pouches from sliding around on your belt. Nothin to it;)
i actually saftey pinned the pouches to the belt/pouch, it seems to be holding up fine and it looks good too...i had the same assumption u did my friend...and when i got to that stage, i was! c'mon!!!
keep us posted
I put the hip pouches on an extra belt that was small enough that my ammo belt will cover it up. It works great and you don't notice the extra belt. With this method I can still put stuff in the side pouches with out worry that they might fall off.
what did u all use to stuff your hip pouches w/ to give it that boxxy shape? i used 3 old school nintnedo games. perfect size, not heavy..what did u guys use?
Chunks of foam for the 2 thighs, and the right hip. I built a box out of plywood for the left hip to simulate the battery box.
Just another suggestion being that your girth will be mostly under your ammo belt you can put them over the girth belt too. My 2 cents.
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