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Just wondering what is the best way to attach armor to the vest is? (where do u get said Vest *jango type* by the way? lol) Bolts? somethin else? i have no clue ^^ im new to this stuff... so sorry if i have a bunch of stoopid questions. i went threw a couple of the forums to make sure this wasnt on there.. an it wasnt ^_^ so i thought i'd ask! thanks
Hiya Skeeter,

I am going with Velcro sewn onto the vest and the other half glued to the armor. I figure, if it gets snagged on something or someone, the velcro will just detach and not rip the vest fabric.

Good Luck!
I used velcro at the start and it was giving way at some of the stress points. (Top of belly piece, bottom tips of chest pcs.) Then I installed snaps which worked like a charm and now finally I have a mix of the two.
thank ya'll ^_^ helps me out alot! ^_^ soon as i get da stuff, i'll begin makin it. ^_^ post some pics wiff da whole progress thing too! again thank you VERY much!
I went with velcro, but don't just get the everyday stuff get industrial strength velcro, the stuff they use on tents etc.
MUCH better adhesion
Surprisingly there is not a single piece of velcro on the real jango costume for example.

The chest and the back armor were permanently attached/glued on the vest ! :eek:
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I tried the velcro route, not too bad but theres always the worry something may fall off, so I attached my new armour using bolts.
Works a treat :D
I'm convinced that snaps are the way to go. I've used velcro and the bolt method in the past, but I really like the snap method. if you use the search you should be able to find a few tutorials on this. JMP and TK409 each have tutorials on the subject I believe :)
Yep...snaps are definitely the way to go. The attachment is secure but comes off to wash the vest. I tried velcro first and it didn't really matter how much I added or where it still stuck out funny in places when I sat down, for example. Now everything sits nice and flat. I can tell in pictures of me which version of attachment I was using at the time because of the way the armor sits. Big improvement with the snaps. Also....I found the velcro got caught on everything...especially those dang wookie braids. And it had a tendency to snag the satin on my vest once in awhile. No velcro for me on the new gear that I'm working on.
has anyone tried to use silicone glue, the type that you put in a calking gun, the stuff they stick fish tanks together with, that would work. you just squezze the amount you need and smeer it all over the back of the armour and on a patch on the vest, thenplace the armour onto the vest, and press the vest material against the armour with pressure, then leave to dry. just a thought


Can someone pls send me a tutorial on how to do the bolt process? I REALLY want to use bolts, but need someone to tell me how, pictures would be great also.
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