At last, finished my trooper. (Pic Heavy)

I am relatively new to the whole costuming world and have been working on a stormtrooper and a ROTJ Fett for the last couple of months. I had already bought a Rubies Vader, not the most comfortable to wear, but more for Halloween etc.
I will be submitting both trooper and Fett costumes to the 501st for what looks like, the first Irish member.
So this is the first, Fett has a few months to go. Here are a few pics that I will be using to submit to the 501st along with others. Any feedback or advice good or bad will be appreciated.





Mojo Fett

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Is that a set of FX Armour with a CE MR TK helmet (looks like you modded the lenses and tube stripes)
If so looking good bruv... have you checked out KOTE forums? ;)
Yes I have registered with the KOTE forums.

The helmet is a CE MR, the tube stripes were modded for me but I replaced the lenses as well.
I got the armor from the stormtrooper shop (Ebay). It was pointed out to me recently that it does have a slight blue cast in comparison to the helmet and caboots but it will do me just fine. Replaced a few pieces for better quailty stuff.

Mojo Fett

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Good to see you on KOTE whats your handle?
I thought that your lid was a modified MR... did the same myself! ;)
Nice suit!
As an Irish-American, I say...Slainte!!!! :cheers

Looks Awesome!!!! Vader looks killer too!!! Looking forward to seeing your fininshed Fett!!!


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Not knocking KOTE, but have you also thought of joining the UK Garrison, we have some Irish members too

Nice armor by the way


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very nicely done brother...cant wait to see boba now!! my wife would absolutely freak if i did stormy too....:lol: well, done brother...(y)