Armour vest ?


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Decided to go for the whole costume but know nothing of sewing and such (more of painter really) so it looks like I'll be buying one. I have had a good search around and like the look of the BobaMaker armour vest and was wondering whats the opinion on it from those in possesion of one ?

Thanks in advance (y)
I have a BM vest and I am very satiesfied with it. Gread details, great sewing job, great service from Darren.

Strongly recommended !!! :)
Thank you Real Scooby (y) appreciate you taking the time to give your opinion. How thickly padded is it ? as dont want anything too thin that would cause armour droppage.

Thanks (y)
Hm, the padding. Let me say this, I am sure you could wear the jacket outdoors on early spring or late autum days without freezing. When I got it and closed it all the way up, with just a shirt underneath, I started sweating within a few minutes.

I use BMs armor on it and there are no signs of dropage.
also, the vest should be relatively snug, so even without any padding at all the armor should sit well.

i've got aluminum armor on my unpadded vest and it's perfectly fine.
Thanks Real Scooby, tk7602 and jango newbie (y) :cheers
My old armour vest was well padded So its just something that I'm used to as being a feature I guess:). Looks like I'll be going for the Boba Maker armour vest with the separate neck seal.

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