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First step: what do you want to make it out of (what material?) I would definitely take a look at some of the threads in this section because multiple people have made their own armor. Check out how they did it.;)


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Advice not aluminum. Been down that side it is a lot of work and ends up badly. search engine it will help a lot.


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One very inexpensive and easy way to make it is to buy a couple of oval, household trashcans from someplace such as Walmart. that's what I have done for my low budget boba.

Do a search for "Trashcan Armor" and you will find a great thread about doing it this way.

Also, search for "armor template" and you will find WizardOfFlight's templates .. they're an invaluable resource!


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Lizard there is a string on this forum that sells an inexpensive set of already made chest armor and knees made from sintra for about $40.00. Good starting point, plus you could get a lot of expertise practicing painting, layering ,shaping, dent placement, dremel skills and everything else about costuming by saving and purchasing same. You might consider developing the detailing skills, prior to the manufacturing skills first.


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Well since you have no money Lizard, I'd suggest cardboard or trashcans or anything that is light and will hold paint. Whatever materials you can get for FREE


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depends on what you make it out of. if plastic, use a lighter, heat on the back side of the plastic. then with a sharpie or some other oblject with the right size and shape push the plastic in. Just don't touch the plastic with the lighter. you want to soften it, not melt it.


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A lighter will give one point for damage it's better to go the lighter route the heat gun and hot water is better for forming the general shape of the armor


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