Armor Weathering Compleated...for now


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Hey fellow Hunters...i've done soem crazy weather stuff to my armor, let me know what you think.... excuse the quality of the picture as the film i was using was expired ;)

thx Jodo, my secret is the following:

1. never ever clean it
2. considering ive done about 6 months of fighting in it, in mud, grass, water, sand, and woodsy type areas, it helps add to the realism of it

*note to self...make nose cones stronger. alos note, that my metal armor so nicy can withstand multiple full force reverse kics from "the chosen one" thx to MMM for the idea of metal armor and not sintra. :)
the cost i figure was prolly under 5 bucks considering i think the sheet i bought was about 12. i used about a third
I really like how you used pieces from other armor sets - i.e. Stormtrooper forearm pieces (from what it looks like). Makes the costume much more unique instead of just changing the color.

That's one sick costume.
thanks luke, yes they are..... i am planning on gettign a real set at some point, but many people have said dont...too original they way it is now... the rest of the armor is from aliens?

wouls you liek to know more.

actually i have a nother helmet being weathered right now will post pics soon
It looks great man. And because of your film being old it just looks like one of those old Military pics you see in old books about War taken a long time ago in a galaxy far far away. Awesome suit!
I use an older Micrografx program, Picture Publisher 7.0. I converted your original picture to B/W, then back to RGB. Used a sepia tone filter, then image edges.

I'll shoot you the pic via email.

If you had an old broken down building in the background, it would have looked like it came from "Saving Private Ryan" or something. Good job on the suit!
I saw your helmet thread, and had to look for this one. Great armor! I love the colors, and the choice of forearms and shims is awesome.
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