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Black Wash not working

Hey Guys, ive tried both techniques listed below, the spray and the dab on, and neither seems to be making the armor any darker. Ive used a wash of black acrylic with water and RAF Green with windsheild washer and neither is taking to the armor?

What is going wrong?

Hey guys just wonderin if this would work to get the wash on my armor.

First do I need to put a clear coat over my water slide decal or will it be fine after it dries overnight.

Put my wash into a spray bottle. Then mist the wash onto the armor and dab it off with a dry paper towel.
Will this work with good results if not what are some good steps to take. Ive read lots of tips but havent found any good step by steps.
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Still lookin for some help on this guys, another method I think I understand is to mix up the wash then soak it up into a paper towel/sponge and dab it on then using a dry paper towel/sponge dab off the excess?
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