Armor Vacuforming Project ver 2.0


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I'm almost finished with my new armor molds, and thought I'd post pics of my progress.

Chest armor pieces...

Collar and shoulder bells...

New codpiece, still needs to be vacced, filled, etc...

Other side...

The initial molds still need to be cleaned up,sanded a little for more curve, and dents need to be added.

The codpiece mold setup will be vacced, and the plastic will be filled with Fix-It-All (cheaper than Hydro-Cal and more durable, in my opinion), left to dry/cure, and then the problem areas can be sanded. Then I'll add the bumps and dent.

Hopefully, my new armor will be ready before April 16th, Denver's StarFest sci-fi con.

Now, to start the kneeguard project! :)
I can get a 4'x8' sheet of .093 styrene for about $28 and change. I haven't used Sintra in so long, I don't even remember how much it is. I think Sintra is great for some small projects (my current kneeguards are made of Sintra), but since the armor plates have a noticeable 'lip', I went with the vacuform process.
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