Armor size. Tell me what you think.


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Ok, I'm gonna have to part with my old armor. It's too big for me. I printed out some of wizards templates. Width wize I think they fit me great, but seems like my gaps at the top (under collar) and bottom (below ab armor) are too big. I photoshopped the paper templates green so you could see them easier. I could really use some suggestions before the plastic goes under the knife.
P.S. Could I have made the picture dorkier? Yes I could have.



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I sent the small templates your way.

The ones in the above post do look a little small. One thing to remember is that everyone is different and the sizes are only a ballpark guess. Feel free to play around with them to get them to the right proportions to fit your build.

If I can be of any help just let me know.



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Thanks, I'm gonna print out those small templates and see what they look like.
I'm working on a mannequin for the torso so I can play around with them without having to be in front of the mirror all the time.


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Ok, I think I found the right size. Thanks for sending me the templates wizard. I printed them about 95% and it seem sto work great. I'll get some of my practice plastic cut and taped to the vest.