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Lord Maul

<font color="red">Well now that the helmet is on the way, I was wondering what the difference in price between a set of sintra armor and a set of fiberglass armor was? Luckily I know the owners of the "World's Largest" model train store so I can get all the right paint colors! Anyway I'd just like to know so I can budget my money as to hopefully have my Fett done by C3.
Has anyone else noticed that in ESB Fett's left "shoulder bell" and left knee armor are more of a mustard yellow, whereas the ones on the right are more of an orange-yellow? I just had to ask as I was watching ESB and it is very noticeable on the DVDs. I had to keep going back and watching the same parts over and over so that I could be sure.
Hmm, well It depend on who makes it, sintra armor should be cheaper than fiberglass. But to me fiberglass is better, I have owned both and sintra would not curve like I wanted it to for the chest plates, its like trying to put a bowl shape in a piece of paper.

A full set of fiberglass armor is gonna run you about $300? for backplate/knee's etc.

Sintra I have seen a whole set for $80 but required alot more work to get to what I would call accurate, Ebay beware -do not get anything from Ebay made from sintra unless you dbl check with this forum- IF not you might be in for a rude awakening, some armor from there is sized for Paul Bunyun.

As far as the shoulder bells, I cannot remember if they are different color just in the production shots from the cloud city hallway, or if there different color in the cloud city scenes all together.
<font color="red"> Thanks cal196!
You have been very helpful as far as pricing is concerned and I really appreciate it! Looks like I'll be able to afford fiberglass! As far as I could tell the shoulder bells are different in all of the ESB scenes, as I first noticed it when he was on the Executor.

P.S. You're helmet pricing was very helpful as I picked mine up for under $250!
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