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Here is my armor progress so far-


I used chrome sparaypaint for the base. Masked off the battle damage with masking fluid made by Hobbico. Painted with acrylics-medium green base, then dusted with olive green. I hope the color is close enough. I don't have any ROTJ reference pics. The color is a little light in the pics with the flash. Still need to do the yellow. Need to do weathering too, any suggestions on that?

Thanks to Wizardoflight for the templetes. Created using his templetes and 1/4in Sintra. Then heated over a kerosene heater and molded to my body.

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there's ya ref material...

keep an eye out for the pre-pro cod on the MOM exhibition, and presumably stunt doubles for the gauntlets on AOSW as well as a pre-pro knee-gaurd (yellow elastique one) and 1 ROTJ one... on MOM he has both ROTJ knees...

AOSW also has an ESB bucket...
Thanks guys. I have my collar piece, chest emblem and shoulder bells cut, but not painted yet. I'm trying to match the yellow for the bells. I was big in Warhammer painting, so I have tons of acrylic paint. Hate to buy more paint, when I can easily mix them with all the colors I have. Thanks for the link R boba. I think my color will be real darn close, once I dirty it up a bit. Waiting to get some decals first.
Lookin good! As for weathering, the reference pics will show a misting of soot black. Also, scratches can be made by triming down the smallest paint brush you can get. Or you can use a needle dipped in a little paint.
And now the finished product with weathering and decal. You will notice a nice extra scratch on the right breast plate. Yeah that was an accident before I sealed the paint, but I guess its truely authentic battle damage and I wasn't screen accurate anyways :)

well done mate!!

what really makes it look more used is if you add very... very tiny, thin little scratches and extremely small dots of silver, you can also see them on the AOSW pics.
oeh, and on the decal, I personally "tapped" adry brush with some brown, grey and black to make it even worse :p

myn is crued, but it's not a decal, but hand painted on.

like I said, if you want to do this (not nesecary) just tap a dry brush and rub it out, then tap some more on.

chest symbol.JPG
Thanks for the tips guys. The picture looks kind of bad, really doesn't show the weathering good at all. I did add some scratches, took a needle and cut right through the green to the silver base. Hardly any show upin the pic though. I will take the advice R_boba and try and weather the decal a bit more. I am using the AOSW pics and changing it up a little. So I guess its not quite a finished project yet. Working on the shoulder bells next. Then its time to find a sintra source, the stuff that was given to me was just enough for what you see plus the bells. Might be able to squeeze a cod piece from what I have left.
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