Armor patterns?

Corbin Das

New Hunter
Hi there.
Does anyone know where I could find patterns to cut out my own Fett armor? Even a picture with dimensions would be fine.
I'm talking about the chest, shoulders and cod piece mainly (not the gauntlets, helmets, knees or jet pack).


Corbin Das
The templates are sized to fit me and I am a bigger guy so you should make sure that the size is good for your chest. Just print them and cut them out and place them on your chest to see if they fit well. If you do have to resize them and need help doing so let me know and I would be happy to help. What are you going to use to make the armor?:D
I'm debating about T-6 aluminum. I've never made Fett armor before, but I HAVE made medieval armor out of mild steel, so aluminum shouldn't be too bad. I'm already set up fot it. I've got dishing bowls, an anvil, torches and various hammers.
I've seen people make a coat of plates out of Kydex before. I don't know how close that is to Sintra or ABS, but if I go the synthetic route, I'll have people to help me. Any thoughts?

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