Armor assembly

Okay, I'm ready to put my armor parts on the vest that I made.

Does the collar piece attach to the back plate over the shoulders to make it look like one piece? Or are they just attached to each other with a strap, or are they just attached to the vest seperatly?

It doesn't really matter, because both piece will be covered by a red cape, I just want to kno what the best way it for convieniance.

My Neck seal is also attached to the vest.
If it's a Boba armor that you will create, so the back is connected to the collar plate by two keyboard keys on each side.

Jangos backplate isn't connected to something and just attached in the back.
Well, jango's neck is seperate, but Boba's neck is attached to the collar by the shoulder stud's.

But, I'm making a ESB Boba and I didnt attach the neck piece to the backplate simply because the neck piece shokes you to death if the harness slips and pulls on the backplate, your holding up the pack with your neck.

Just putting the collar overtop of the backplate with velcro is much better imo because it can be adjusted and you cant tell the difference and if the harness slips its pulling on your neck all the support of the neck seal and vest material not a hard solid object.


Never use Super Glue to attach your armor to your vest in a small room... eyes...they burn....lungs....on fire....AGH!!


Serously...that sucked...:p
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