Flight Suit Arkady Ankles


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Hey everyone!

I have a few questions regarding an Arkady Lightsuit; actually, it might just be generic questions about the interface of the suit itself, and your ankles.

I have the ROTJ version, and I cannot figure out the ankles. Do you guys typically put the fabric OVER your boots, and then use the ankle velcro strap to tighten it up before spats? OR are you tucking the flight suit ankles INTO your boots?

Also, if any of you have had your flight suit tailored; where have you brought it? A specialized tailor? I’m not even sure if mine needs to be modified, but I just can’t see myself bringing it to the little Italian guy that I bring my dress suits to...hahaha!



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Thanks for the info! Some guys wear them higher and show more of the boot, and I seem to like that style, But couldn’t get the pant ankles to sit right!


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I personally do not tuck my suit into my boots. Kinda not much room to do that inside your boots. Straps in my opinion go on outside and spats over top. I hope that helps. I use the spats to secure my suit in place. I altered these by a inch or more to sit a little more snug.
Yup I put mine on the outside and use the attached straps and put the spats over that. I'm having my suit taken up 2 inches for a more snug fit too.
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