are these snaps OK for my chest armor?


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Got these at wal-mart. Was thinking of gluing them down but I'm really unsure of what to do. My FP armor is styrene. Sorry for the big pic I was in a hurry. Thanks for any advice!


That's what I used for my armor as well. I assembled the male snaps through thin pieces of plastic, then glued them to the armor, and assemble the female snaps through the vest.
...ditto here...I actually started w/Joannes Fabric Hvy Duty Snaps but they are almost 3x more expensive...these are a tab bit smaller but do the job just fine...

what kinda glue did you use? goop? and also what kinda plastic is it like plastic from a orange jiuce jug? I tried crazy glue but it pulled right off sintra with little effort and I scored both sides pretty well.
...on my armor from RA...I used the TK-409 method of using plastic pieces w/the snaps already on and glued them to the armor(plastic)...crazy glue did not work at all...I used liquid nails and hot melt on the edges of the plastic snaps...worked like a charm...

...on my FG armor I used 2ton epoxy from Wal-Mart and same killer results...

...hope this helps...

I just cut small pieces of a welding visor and assembled the male snaps through that. I used devcon plastic welder from walmart. Work's like a charm.
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