Are there any Bobos' rangefinder lights left????

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Now that I finally will have a hollow rangefinder it would be nice to have the lights that are meant to go in it. :D Bobo hasn't posted in quite some time and I've been unable to get ahold of him. Anyone have access to him,or a set left???

We all would like to know this one!
I will have my grubby little hands on a hollow RF soon and will want to know if I can get the RF Lights with the Merc Switch!
anyone know what to replace the LED's with? Mine got turned on one night on accident and I didn't know it and burned the battery and all bright green LED out.
Id be interested in leds for mine, and Ive been wondering, mine arrived, its a rubies, and needs a lot of re working, but do you think I should cast mould the hollow RF and things like that? possibly help others here when they need em? ive also been thinkin, as soon as i get it shaped right, iam going to vacuum mold the entire thing, and work on it instead of the original.
I just saw him on MSN messenger a few days ago but I hadn't seen this thread until just now. If I see him again I will alert him! He just said he had been extremely busy with school, but he is still around. I'll see if I can catch him again.

please do man!
That would be much appreciated.
I am sure he will have a bunch of PMs wating for him when he comes here too! LOL
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