Are ROTJ Helmet and Armor Different Shades of Green???


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Hello Everyone!
I'm about to start painting my ROTJ aluminum Fett armor and had a quick question about Fett's color scheme.
For reference, I have been looking at photos of Fett taken when he was on display at various museums. From the pics I've seen, it appears as if the green color of Fett's Helmet is a slightly different color than his chest armor. His chest armor looks to be a shade or two darker, deeper green. Is this the case??
I just want to make sure it isn't the camera flash in the photos that is producing this color difference. If any Fett experts out there know for sure, please let me know. Sorry if this is common knowledge, but I haven't seen this question asked recently. I just don't want to start painting my armor and then found out that I have the color shades all wrong.
I will check back to read any posts. Thanks for reading!
Welcome to the board! Good choice on the ROTJ! ;)
Yes, the armor is different then the bucket colors.
Here is a thread that is more geared to the ESB bucket, but it has the real movie paints listed for all the ROTJ armor.
My armor was painted using these colors, and my bucket was custom mixed to what I thought was close.
Here is the result.

Thank you so much for the info DarthVader1 and Lynn TXP 0369!! It is extremely helpful.
By the way Lynn, your Fett suit looks just FANTASTIC! I only hope mine comes out half as well. Thanks again guys!
sci-fi collector
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