Anyone make a decent neckseal on their Jango yet?


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Hey guys,

I am moving on in my quest to tweak my Rubies Jango even further.
I was hoping someone out there could give me some tips or tricks
on adding the black neckseal/gasket to the base of the helmet. Has
anyone done it to theirs yet? Any picks or tutorials would be greatly
appreciated. :)
if you mean this

Yes I was lazy I got mine on ebay from a board member here, do a search for neck seals you find him.

J Bear
Gotta add a "Yup!" Vince is da man for neckseals. I love mine. Kinda gives ya a cool mindset, like you're slipping on a functional space helmet when you're head slides through that neckseal...

JangoBear- Yeah, that's exactly what i am talking about. Thanks.

It looks great! How much does it affect your helmet temp...does it
cause more visor fogging....etc?
after I cut out the keyholes on the back of my helmet I have not had a problem. I also use a spray I got from a gun show for lens to keep them from fogging up an that is a plus as well. I'll be adding a fan system as soon as it gets here.

J Bear
Admittedly, I was worried about this. My helmet has one fan and the keyholes cut out. With one of Vince's balaclavas, I had no problem with fogging or overheating. I was able to wear the helmet all night in comfort.

While I can't vouch for a all-day Con experience, I would imagine the fan would make all the difference. It's constant airflow helped tremendously. I noticed a big difference when I cut the keyholes out. The airflow improved noticably.
I have one of these badboys and I absolultely love it. It is vinyl and that is an elastic string that holds everything together. You simply use velcro lining to put the piece in, MAINLY for the reason (as the way I see it) for ease of taking in or out for various con reasons. I will tell you this : it is so cool when you close that thing and you get the feeling of "enclosure." All of a sudden you're echoining and just feel like no one can absolutely see you. On the flip side, it does get HOT in there after awhile. Again, que velcroe for easy rip off action OR use a fan...I think that would maximize the coolness.

Say, has anyone seen that new cooling unit for the neck put out by Sharper image ? Its like thirty bucks, attaches to your neck and circulates cold air supposedly dropping your temperature by a few degrees...of course being the geek I am I thought of costuming purposes...I know Turo's seen it...he and I were discussing it !

Yeah, I'm gonna try my hand at it as well.
If it turns out least I know I
can get one from one of the members for short
You can make it very simply. Just trace around the bottom of the helmet on a piece of paper. Use that as a template for the vinyl/leather, and add a little extra for the sides and stitching. Easy as pie! :)
Anyone here think this would work for a Boba costume too? I know the real one didn't have it but... I've always been annoyed by people being able to look up into my helmet. I'm 6'2" so kids do it all the time.

Any thoughts?

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