anyone know where i can find a esb blaster rifle???

If you wanna make one, it's a Webley and Scott flare gun with a camera flash in the barrel and a scope on it. Look for a cast of the Webley, there's a few floating around somewhere. I hope there's still one avaliable, though. Someone might pop around and give you more info. Mine's not the best. I know, I shouldn't rely on second-hand recon. I hope I was of some help, though.
There are no kits,or complete form verion of the ESB blaster for sale.Lately there have been many strides in the original parts being found for converting a Webley No.1 Mk.1 into the "EE-3/ESB".

The scope has been identified as an:ASI 4x20 although a Simmons 4x20 model #1003 is considered a "good match" and alot more available,and cheaper than the ASI,.......Simmons are $5-8 on ebay.

The scope blocks have been identified as:AMP.200 commercial mate-n-lok 6way pin housings. (These are NOW available by steveday72) Do a search.

The barrel is believed to be an MPP although Heilands are still used without too much flack ;)

Some of us are still trying to locate the correct barrel rings that hold the scope,and housing up on top.Any ideas ???

Hope this helps,as a screen accurate ESB EE-3 is going to happen sooner,or later.

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