anyone know where i can find a esb blaster rifle???


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If you wanna make one, it's a Webley and Scott flare gun with a camera flash in the barrel and a scope on it. Look for a cast of the Webley, there's a few floating around somewhere. I hope there's still one avaliable, though. Someone might pop around and give you more info. Mine's not the best. I know, I shouldn't rely on second-hand recon. I hope I was of some help, though.

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There are no kits,or complete form verion of the ESB blaster for sale.Lately there have been many strides in the original parts being found for converting a Webley No.1 Mk.1 into the "EE-3/ESB".

The scope has been identified as an:ASI 4x20 although a Simmons 4x20 model #1003 is considered a "good match" and alot more available,and cheaper than the ASI,.......Simmons are $5-8 on ebay.

The scope blocks have been identified as:AMP.200 commercial mate-n-lok 6way pin housings. (These are NOW available by steveday72) Do a search.

The barrel is believed to be an MPP although Heilands are still used without too much flack ;)

Some of us are still trying to locate the correct barrel rings that hold the scope,and housing up on top.Any ideas ???

Hope this helps,as a screen accurate ESB EE-3 is going to happen sooner,or later.