Anyone identified this part? (Pics)

Jango Fett Jr

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Anyone identified that clip on the left of the collar?

<img src=>
<img src=>

I think that would be a pretty cool addition to my costume. Boba actually wears it like this in some of the ESB concept art.

It looked at first like a covertech clip
<img src=>
but in the second photo you can see that it's actually some sort of snap or clamp.

Anyone have an idea of what it is?

Megalomaniac Mando

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Geez, I've never even noticed that thing before. What a loser.

The way the cape is attached to it in the second pic, kinda suggests to me that it's a type of buckle or clip that operates on the same principle as a military belt buckle in which the belt is slid in, and a floating tension bar operating on friction wedges the belt securely. That's all I got for now. :)

Tyler Durden

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Never really looked in that piece, as it was only used on the Prepro. Although, a broken part of the other end of the buckle can be seen on the cape at MoM.

I'd suspect it would be something along the lines of what MMM described or some kind of seat belt.


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It looks like some kind or model of a car seat belt buckle, the kind that you press the sides to release the other part, which I think it was attached to the pre-prod Boba Fett cape, but not sure, this is just a guess.

...Mmmmm....interesting finding, and a question remains....