Anyone have a mpg (clip) light jet pack

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Anyone have a mpg (clip) light jetpack

I was wondering if anyone of you had a .mpg file or .mov from ESB :confused of Boba Fett walking with Vader to the elevator in Bepin. I am trying to show someone who is trying to get the light pulsating patten. If you guys could help me out on this that would be great!
....alright then :( ...can someone tell me how to copy a part of a movie to make an .mpg to send over the internet as a sample of the light pulsating....
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yeah yeah...I know...alright just going to have to film my computer screen playing that part of the movie...hopefully it picks up that light effect. Oh..wait I just thought of something...a XMAS light might do the trick. I believe I had seen one with a pulse like rhythm to it.
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Gonzo - If you use the clear X-mas lights with the little red tip, it should blink. No circuit board or anything. I believe heat activates the blinking.
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Forced Trekker- thanks! :)

Team Fett- Well I know the ESB version did...not sure on the ROTJ, but I know someone here knows. Correct me if I am wrong here guys but the light on the beacon from ROTJ was a red one?
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