Anyone familiar w/ prop make-up techniques?

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I'm always surprised at the knowledge base here on TDH, so I thought I'd give it a shot. I get my Jango fix with the 501st, so on Halloween I would like to do something different that "breathes" a little better.:p

I need to know the procedure for application and what types of make-up that would be recommended to make myself look pale like a vampire. I have custom contact lenses on order and I always get an early start on the planning. I'm looking for an "Underworld"/ "Interview w/ A Vampire" look.

I'd like to have it dry and not run too much with sweat. I plan on using an airbrush for the shading and veins. Any specific paints or make-ups I should use for that AND will be airbrush safe?

Any suggestions or experiences are appreciated.

Thanks, Craig


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Craig, I'll send you a link to Pam's website tonight, has a lot of info about doing costuming make-up to change skin tones and info about different kinds of make-up for it as well. (specifically it's about doing the body paint for Aayla, but it's pretty well the same thing)


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Ben Nye's is the way to go. They aren't cheap but they are industry standard for theatrical/film makeup.

A good place to start. They are very helpful if you call and ask.


i've used this stuff before, a long time ago.

when doing white makeup for something like that, the trick is to only use a little bit, and spread it in really well. don't put it on like you're frosting a cake :)

and powdering the makeup helps a lot too. i always did the white makeup with some white powder.

also, standard women's foundation in the lightest of colors with white powder might also get the look you want.


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The Magicolor liquid paints would be the specific product you want to look at for airbrushing.

Also with Airbrushing in mind look into the 'Final Seal' which, contrary to the name, goes on first...

"Apply Ben Nye Final Seal over any completed makeup for a smudge and water resistant finish. Final Seal keeps makeup in place even on performers who perspire heavily. Add to Liquid Paints (about 10%) for greater durability. Airbrush artists use Final Seal as a base coat before airbrushing with MagiColor Liquid Paint. Take precaution around eye area and on sensitive skin. Remove with Hydra Cleanse. Mint fragrance."

Hope that helps.



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My GF uses Ben Nye's for her Zabrak assassin costume and it looks great. Just don't pile it on like TK7602 said and you'll look great!


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For a vampire costume I would not go with something as light as pure white. Use something more like a very light flesh tone, perhaps even mix in a light green color to it.

You always see these people with super white faces and think that is what dead people look like. Not so much, the skin does loose a lot of color, but you flesh has a color to it, it will never turn white. Also remember that flesh isn't one color all over, it has lots of subtle colors mixed in with it, greens, blues, greys, etc. When applying makeup do the samething, start with a darker color like a blue and then put light colors on top. Subtle is KEY. If you take your time you will have a good look that will seperate you and everyone else come costume time.

Good luck and have fun.
Personally I use skin illustrator it's good make up available in various palettes including various complexion ones all the way through to speciality ones which includes a zombie palette which may have the colours you'll need for this...Green marble sealer is great inconjunction with Skin illustrator and you won't get any residue rubbing off on your costumes. You can apply it like anyother alocohol activated make up and air brush it on...Thouhg I'd probably only use the airbrush for the base and use a light brush for veining then use anoher brush to add spatters that will break up the basic colour and make it more realistic....if you look at normal skin you'll see the little imperfections and blemishes we all have....Sometimes if you use a one colour with out breaking it up it looks flat and lacking in depth...Just remember like all make ups read the Health and safety litreature that comes with it and do a test for allergic reactions. Hope this helps mate.

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Thanks all. I've seen my share of deceased folks in my career. I'm looking for a pale, greyish look. I have no plans of looking like Bozo the Clown.:lol:lol: I'll try the Ben Nye stuff and use the "less is more" Rub-n-buff:lol:lol::lol: