Anybody try this stuff before?


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Well I was playing around with this metal stuff I found at my Grandmother's, and I wanted to know if anyone else had used it before. It was some kind of galvanized roll of metal, I assume aluminum. It ate the S*** out of my dremel cutting disk. I was experimenting, since I haven't bought any sintra yet, and I figured why buy material when I can use this stuff for free. Only problem it had was that the metal is hard to shape, any ideas on this? Your help is appreciated...
Keep and eye out for megalomaniacalmandalore ( I'm sure I misspelled that somewhere). He has a following of guys making there own and the work thus far is quit impressive.
I don't think it would be galvinized aluminum, galvinizing helps to reduce corrosion for steel or iron products, a cheaper alternative to stainless, so it could have been steel or even tin flashing used for roofing. Just guessing, about what you found. Metal isn't bad to work with, but it can add a large amount of weight to your costume.
It's pretty much been summed-up. The galvanization process is an oxidation retarding treatment done to ferrous metals. Aluminum is not a ferrous metal, and thus needs no galvanization. (Even though it can corrode under proper conditions. It's confusing, I know.)

My guess, which isn't worth any more or less than anyone else's, is that this was possibly a roll of flashing or gutter stock. Galvanized metal is indeed usually "harder" than a like piece of non-galvanized. It's also much heavier than aluminum.

Hope this helps, but you have just about figured all that out on your own. Let me know if you need any more info.
Yeah now I remember it was some type of flashing or something... but I always get these abstract ideas... like yesterday I got the idea to fashion a gauntlet out of a Taco Bell cup... :)
I have done the taco bell/burger king cup gauntlet. Its allergist if you want a quick set of gauntlets but they don't last long.

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