Jet Pack Any smaller guys out there?


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If you (or anyone else with a V1 or V2) wants to upgrade to the slightly smaller V3, i will give you a discounted price. I can only do kits though, still not taking orders for completed packs until i get the current ones done and out.

That said, i dont think it looks to big on you really. If you look at the ESB promo photo i posted, you can see the pack looks pretty large in comparison to Jeremys body. Of all of the packs ive seen in person, i think they are all smaller than they should be either overall, or in just width. I used the measurements from the heilmann photos (in the gallry) of a production made pack when i did hind sight, perspective from the tape measure in those pics being on the table and taking into consideration the thickness of the JP..i realized my original measurements could have been slightly off, but i think the V3 is the perfect size being shorter than my previous versions but keeping the width. The V3 will also be lighter as the thrusters will be hollow and now that im using regular gelcoat rather than resin as a gelcoat. All that said, its up to you though. I think it looks really good on you size wise, and overall.
Sounds interesting , what is the weight of the new V3 then?

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Sounds interesting , what is the weight of the new V3 then?
They should be around 5-6 pounds, but i wont know for sure until i get one cast and weigh it. But between the hollow thrusters, the regular gelcoat, and the smaller size it should drop the weight significantly. Looks like you have the V1 which was heavier, depending on when i made it also. The earlier ones were a little heavier as i hadn't streamlined the process of making them.