Any idea what gauntlets these are?


Any idea what gaunts these are?

I just recently came across these at a great price, but upon closer inspection, I'm not sure whose they are. I was told they were Boba's from ESB, but that doesn't appear to be correct. The "flamethrower" side, if anything, is ROTJ Boba or Jango. The other gaunt -- well, I just don't know. I'm not able to find anything similar so I thought I should ask the experts. Anyone have any ideas? thank you for your time.
dangit, working on links
They look like a custom generic pair to me. I don't recognize them as being accurate to either Boba or Jango.:facepalm
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I couldn't even imagine wearing them with that shredded fiberglass hanging out like that:confused It would shred your forearms.

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