Any Build Plans for a Vacuum Forming Station?


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Does anyone know if a topic exist in our archives on how to build one? I can't find it if we do. I had an article on how to build one but I lost it. I'm wanting to build a vacuum forming station that is pretty much affordable for the average do it yourselfer. If anyone has built one and would share with any tips, pros & well as do's and don'ts ....I'm sure I wouldn't be the only member here that would love to have one parked in the garage. Or in Seekers case.....the kitchen:D.
Thanks in advance...Charlie
That is a nice set-up...If you had an exhaust system to remove the burned plastic smell it would be the shiz-nit.
Check out my new site,

At this point, it's mostly an index to information elsewhere, especially, which is by far the most useful site for DIY vacuum forming and vacuum former making anywhere on the web. (And it's about costuming, too.)

Ralis Kahn's machine on the halloweenfear site is neat, but doesn't heat particularly evenly. You can fix that using a couple of tricks. (My site has a link to a thread on tk560.) I'm also not thrilled with the cookie sheet platen.

Several of us over at have built little over-and-under's more or like Ralis's.

If you want to make a big vacuum former, check out the Thurston James design from his book "The Prop Buider's Molding and Casting Handbook," and Jim Egner's article about building a cheaper version of it using Hardibacker 500 tile backer board rather than expensive millboard. (Again, see my site for links.)
Hey, where in southwest florida are you at? I just finished my vac-former, and im in the south florida, ft. lauderdale area if you wanna check it out.

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